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Peacock Rya weave
Dusty purple overshot weaving; wool & cotton
Yellow floral overshot weaving
black & white fluffy Unikko flower weave
Coral, blue & white rya weave on copper dowel
Pink & purple unicorns
Bright & funky fringey weave
pink & green overshot weaving
Macrame wall hanging
Pink macrame wall hanging
Large blue & pink pibione wall hanging.
Pibione flower weaving with cantaloupe and earl grey merino roving
Flower garland frame weave
Mustard star frame weave
Zebra frame weave
Black & white zebra frame weave
blue patterned weave
Blue patterned fringe weave
turquoise & purple with mustard fringe
scalloped weaving
River Rocks
Macrame ornaments
mini-macrame keychains
Flower macrame keychains
DIY plant hanger; instructions, wooden ring, beads and rope included.
Mixed variety of plant hangers.
Macrame plant hanger with large wooden beads
Diamond macrame plant hanger
Double plant hanger
Macrame lantern with tiered layers

Here are some pieces available for purchase. Contact me to let me know which ones you'd like. 

Available Pieces: Photo Gallery
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