frame weave with ochre flowers (reversible); 100% recycled cotton on wooden frame
DIY plant hanger; instructions, wooden ring, beads and rope included.
Pibione flower weaving with cantaloupe and earl grey merino roving
macrame w/avocado dyed fringe
Waffle frame weave, 100% recycled cotton on wooden frame
yellow star frame weave; 8"x10"
mini-weave; ~6"W x 7"L
mini snowflake
cotton rya weave with hand-dyed blue cotton; 20"W x 21"L
16"x 20" star frame weave. Recycled 100% cotton on wooden frame.
mini-weave; ~4"Wx6"L
Black & white star frame weave
Large blue & pink pibione wall hanging.
SOLD.  fluffy pink cloud
friendship bracelet wall hanging; recycled cotton rope
Blue floral frame weave; 16"x20"; recycled cotton on wooden frame
avocado-dyed macrame w/wooden beads
triangle weave w/copper sequins
Orange frame weave; 8"x8"
Pink tree weaving.
textured weaving w/macrame fringe
pink pibione weaving; 8"W x 11"L
SOLD. mini-weave; ~4" x 6"
Neutral raffia piece.
River Rocks
black and cream sideways weave; 9"W x 17"L
turquoise frame weave, 8"x8"
SOLD. mini-weave
SOLD.  Sunshine on a cloudy day; 28"W (driftwood 31") x 42"L
SOLD. BFF ("best friends forever"); giant friendship bracelet; 17" (dowel 22") x 41"
Fuchsia rya weave
Macrame lantern with tiered layers
Mixed variety of plant hangers.
Double plant hanger
Diamond macrame plant hanger
Blue wave weaving with macrame fringe
Antique blue krokbragd weaving; 100% cotton;  12"W x 17"L
rya weave; pink, orange, blue
whimsical flowers; frame weave; 12"x16"
Macrame star; 13"
wavy pink weave with macrame fringe8"x13"
enchanted forest rya weaving; 9"x16"
pink, green, yellow fringe weave
natural cotton weave with macrame fringe
simple layered fringe weave; 100% cotton rope
free form frame weave; 10"x10"
Macrame wall hanging.
star frame weave; 20"x 24"; recycled cotton on wooden frame
triangle weave with tassels
Simple mini macrame
Mini krokbragd weave
Unikko rya weave
all-white rya weave
commission piece 4' wide
commission piece 2'x3'
Large macrame wall hanging
Cross-stitch snowflake
knotted avocado-dyed weave with macrame fringe
green sideways weave; 11"W x 18"L
Mini twill weave; 4"W x 7"L
pink and yellow rya weaving; 7"W x 12"L
pink and yellow experimental weave; 8"W x 12"L
Sideways blue and pink weaving
SOLD white sideways weave
white sideways weave; 20"W x 24"L
Upcycled denim and natural cotton
yellow & pink weaving with avocado-dyed fibres and copper dowel; 12"W x 21"L
knotted cotton and raw silk fringe weave; 9"W x 12"L
black and cream weaving; 19.5"W (dowel) x 16"L
blue and yellow rya weaving
SOLD Black & white star frame weave; 10"x10"
pink and green half circle weave; 8"W x 12"L
Moroccan wedding blanket-inspired wall hanging with silver sequins.
Macrame clutches and purses
NOW $25.  Single spiral plant hanger
turquoise and taupe pibione weaving

Here are some pieces available for purchase. Contact me to let me know which ones you'd like.